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Victoria Caram

I was born in Argentina, where I studied International Relations, arts, languages, and an extensive formation in political activism. 

Since the moment I realized that my gender didn’t match wich the one I was given at the moment of birth I started to learn other professions where I was sure no one was going to discriminate me. First I studied Esteticism, that includes Hairstylist and Makeup Artist, the manage of this 2 arts took me to incursion in the night entertainment business, I became a Drag Queen and worked in the best Night Clubs In Argentina. 

Finished my studies I moved to Chile and then to Europe. In Chile, I started with my passion for photography which I developed, in Spain, Norway and finally in The Netherlands.

Working as a model, being a Miss and Director of the most prestigious beauty pageant for Transgenders was the best school for my profession, gave me the tools for today be able to interpret what the client wants, dreams, fantasies and with the help of my talent and the best collaborators we make it real.

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